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    Demolation Contractor in UAE :

    Concrete Cutting & Demolition provides clean, safe, and smart demolition services to General Contractors, Plumbers, and Electricians. We are equipped to take on difficult or simple demolition project such as highways, public/government facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, nuclear sites, trenches, driveways, patios, sidewalks, as well as completing interior demolition.


    All demolation services in Dubai

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    Concrete Coring in Dubai :

    Concrete drilling, also known as core drilling is one of the many services that Adam’s Concrete Cutting & Demolition, LLC. offer. We are equipped to drill concrete holes, vertical or horizontal, as small as 3/4” up to 60” in diameter and to any depth needed. Our core drills are powered by high cycle, electric and hydraulic systems, giving us the ability to complete all your core drilling needs.

    core cutting service All over UAE

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    Commonly used for concrete wall openings such as windows, doorways, bay doors, and HVAC, our wall saws are very precise. Powered by high cycle electric, this specialized equipment allows us the ability to cut any wall, up to 28” deep. Wall saws are utilized to make precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces. We pride ourselves in being the best known company in the valley for this service.

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    Demolation Works in Dubai 

    Demolation Company in Dubai

    Concrete Cutting Contractor

    No 1 Demolation Company in UAE dubai sharjah ajman core cutting wall cutting concrete cutting works in All uae contact us for cutting the concrete with any type you want to cutt contact us 058-6927376

    Core Cutting Contractor

    Core Cutting demolation Works in Dubai Sharjah Ajman Abudhabi Best Company IN UAE

    Demolation Works in Dubai

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    Core Cutting Concrete


    There are three Types of cutting the Concrete

    1 = Core Cutting With Daimond Core

    2 = Saw Cutting For Slab & Wall 

    3 = Breaking With Jack Hammers

    1 = Core Cutting Method


    This Method is Used for Coring in Slab or wall in any Dia and any depth just u have to make a hole for your Pvc pipes or your wires cables and etc. this Method Applies on any type vertical or horizental

    Image result for unifix 10mm

    Image result for drilling in slab pixabay


    1 =st you have to Drill in the wall or slab w
    here you want to make hole.
    2 = Then you have to put unifix in concrete

    3 = Then puntch This Unifix in Concrete

    Image result for core cutting machine stand

    4 = Then Fix This Stand on This Unifix

    5 = Then Put Your Machine on Stand

    And Start the Cutting





    Concrete Cutting Company in Dubai, Concrete Cutting Contractor in Dubai.

    Concrete Cutting With Saw Machine

    Concrete Cutting With saw machine is very easy and very fast work for doing this with this method you can cut the wall and slab in not a round shape this machine will work on pad and cut the concrete in cube and with this machine you can cut the wall in any depth but not in round shape.

    Saw cutting Companies in Dubai

    Core Cutting Contractor in Dubai

    Concrete cutting Contractors

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    1. Welcome to Clean & Shine

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    Marble Floor Polishing



    Clean & Shine understands marble. We have a profound understanding of its characteristics and the proper way to care for it and maintain it. This is how we elevate our tile cleaning and other floor cleaning services. Unlike traditional floor scrubbing, there is a unique approach required for the proper care of this delicate material.

    If you are looking for professional marble polishing services, there is one name you can always count on – Clean & Shine.


    All the marble in your home or office needs to be properly maintained and cared for to be sure it continues to shine for years to come. This includes countertops, floors, vanities, and walls.

    This type of rock is typical of a softer variation in comparison to other materials, with a wide variety of colours that contain veins and unique markings. While some surfaces are harder than others, they are all susceptible to scratching, etching and will lose their lustre and shine if they aren’t cared for. That is why typical tile cleaning and floor cleaning services will not work.

    At Clean & Shine, we will make sure all your surfaces get premium quality treatment. We can even restore the natural beauty of the surface. Our experience and expertise have helped us become a trusted marble cleaning company in Dubai.



    Take a few minutes to contact us at Clean & Shine today, and find out why we are the experts at marble polishing Dubai customers have grown to trust.


    Demolation Company in Dubai

    We provide quick and fastest demolition, maintenance, technical services in the  Dubai United Arab Emirates. It is our desired to provide the best quality demolition services in Dubai at your doorstep only one call. we also care about your building surroundings and people’s free trouble. Our demolition services is very quick, fast and reliable in Dubai UAE. We cut the building through the latest instrument in minimum time. We follow safety rules, Neighbor protection during demolition and drilling.

    Demolition dubai

    Demolition Works Dubai


    Our Services Company undertaken many building maintenances works. The fulfilled project according to the client’s satisfaction. We provide demolition services for small to medium size projects and building maintenance solution services to our clients. our demolition company is sensitive to the needs of the environment and makes every effort to reduce potential damaging caused by harmful chemicals and other materials.

    Our Valued Demolition Dubai

      • We treat our clients with respect and honorably.
      • We value and care for our employees.
      • We do a good job right for our employees.
      • Improving the quality and efficiency of our work constantly.
      • We believe in honesty, integrity, and punctuality.
      • We are very enthusiastic and Creative about what we do.

    We contribute responsibly to improve our environment, community and people Satisfaction.

    • Jack Hammers Demolition

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