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    Core Cutting Contractor in Dubai 058-6927376

    Core cutting is easy efficient a saving and time-saving method for cutting the concrete in Dubai Sharjah Ajman

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    Core Cutting Companies in Dubai

    Core Cutting

    Stitch drilling overcomes the limitations caused by the maximum size of diamond drill bits by overlapping (or stitching) core holes together to form a larger hole. In this way, you can create openings of unlimited size and shape, through any thickness of the wall or floor


    Company in UAE

    Concrete Scanning and Cutting 058-6927376

    3D Concrete Scanning in Dubai

    Concrete scanning in dubai:

    Welcome to Core Cutteruae, we offer rapid response concrete scanning and wall scanning services

    tionwide from our extensive branch network. If you’re in need of expert help with your concrete and structural inspections, we can help.

    D-Scan is at the forefront of the analysis of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. With our innovative portable and fast 3D scanners, we can detect and measure the depth of cover, diameter and positioning of reinforcing bars over a wide area. The concrete cover and rebar diameter estimation element is best performed with pulsed magnetic induction technology – we use the best tools for the job


    Producing easily interpretable 2D and 3D images of concealed objects, D-Scan can provide non-destructive structural inspection prior to drilling, sawing or coring.


    Core Cutting Services in dubai

    Our service charges are best from the other core cutting contractors in Dubai. We Provide concrete coring and cutting service in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and also umm al Quwain With the best price. Our core cutting service charges schedule is given below.

    Size Slab Thickness Price Area
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 50 AED Sharjah & Nearby dubai
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 45- 55 AED Ajman & Umm Al Quwain
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 50 – 60 AED Dubai
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 55- 70 AED Jabal Ali
    6″ 20 -25cm 60 – 70 AED Dubai
    8″ 20 – 25cm please call please contact us

    Note: This pricing table is for normal days.  We  can change these pricing lists  at any time 

    So, Please call our company  member to confirm your job rates:  058-6927376


    Core Cutting Contractor in Dubai:

    We provide service of beam cutting, drilling core, beam holes and slab cutting, slab holes with our heavy duty coring machines.We do all categories coring holes in the concrete slab and concrete beam.We also Provide Service of concrete coring holes in Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | Ajman | Umm Al Quwain | Ras- Al-Khaimah | Fujairah |  services of all Over the United Arab Emirates . We Cannot Compromise on Work .

    For example core cutting

    1-inch core cutting holes in slab and beam cutting
    2-inch core cutting holes in slab and beam cutting
    3-inch coring holes in slab and beam for the electrical DB cable
    4-inch concrete coring holes in concrete slab and beam cutting
    5-inch coring holes in concrete slab for the w.c pipes or other
    6-inch core cutting holes in slab and beam core cutting
    8-inch all core cutting UAE Cutting holes for the water pipes or other
    Large Round Core Cutting Holes

    We also do large round hole in the concrete side wall core cutting in UAE
    20-inch coring hole in the concrete slab or a side wall
    30-inch core cutting hole in the solid concrete slab
    35-inch core cutting hole in the solid concrete

    slab and Beem
    Straight Core Cutting
    We do all core cutting uae in the concrete slab with the cheap rate from other core cutting service providers. core cutting. We cut the concrete slab in square or any dimension.

    Do you have a concrete core cutting job in mind? You can read about the different concrete core cutting methods we offer on our services page, or call the concrete core cutting experts on






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    Demolation Contractor in UAE :

    Concrete Cutting & Demolition provides clean, safe, and smart demolition services to General Contractors, Plumbers, and Electricians. We are equipped to take on difficult or simple demolition project such as highways, public/government facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, nuclear sites, trenches, driveways, patios, sidewalks, as well as completing interior demolition.


    All demolation services in Dubai

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    Concrete Coring in Dubai :

    Concrete drilling, also known as core drilling is one of the many services that Adam’s Concrete Cutting & Demolition, LLC. offer. We are equipped to drill concrete holes, vertical or horizontal, as small as 3/4” up to 60” in diameter and to any depth needed. Our core drills are powered by high cycle, electric and hydraulic systems, giving us the ability to complete all your core drilling needs.

    core cutting service All over UAE

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    Commonly used for concrete wall openings such as windows, doorways, bay doors, and HVAC, our wall saws are very precise. Powered by high cycle electric, this specialized equipment allows us the ability to cut any wall, up to 28” deep. Wall saws are utilized to make precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces. We pride ourselves in being the best known company in the valley for this service.

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