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Company in UAE

Concrete Scanning and Cutting 058-6927376

3D Concrete Scanning in Dubai

Concrete scanning in dubai:

Welcome to Core Cutteruae, we offer rapid response concrete scanning and wall scanning services

tionwide from our extensive branch network. If you’re in need of expert help with your concrete and structural inspections, we can help.

D-Scan is at the forefront of the analysis of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. With our innovative portable and fast 3D scanners, we can detect and measure the depth of cover, diameter and positioning of reinforcing bars over a wide area. The concrete cover and rebar diameter estimation element is best performed with pulsed magnetic induction technology – we use the best tools for the job


Producing easily interpretable 2D and 3D images of concealed objects, D-Scan can provide non-destructive structural inspection prior to drilling, sawing or coring.

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