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    We Provide concrete coring and cutting service in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and also umm al Quwain With the best price. Our service charges schedule is given below

    Size Slab Thickness Price Area
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 50 AED Sharjah & Nearby dubai
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 45- 55 AED Ajman & Umm Al Quwain
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 50 – 60 AED Dubai
    2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 55- 70 AED Jabal Ali
    6″ 20 -25cm 60 – 70 AED Dubai
    8″ 20 – 25cm please call please contact us

    Concrete Coring Holes In Side Wall Price

    Cutting Hole Size Wall Thickness Price Area
    5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 50 AED Sharjah
    5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 50 AED Dubai

           Concrete Slab Cutting  With Coring Holes

    Cutting Hole Size Slab Thickness Price Area
    5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 45 AED Sharjah
    5″ 20 – 25cm 45 – 50 AED Dubai

    Note: This pricing table is for normal days.  We  can change these pricing lists  at any time 

    So, Please call our company  member to confirm your job rates: 058-6927376


    Now, Samarqand providing concrete coring and core drilling services in Dubai and UAE. Our company provides a comprehensive vary of diamond core drilling services. For small, medium, and large-scale service comes across the UAE. Therefore, Samarqand is absolutely equipped and capable to urge the work through with superior potency. With our experience, we will assist you to guarantee on-time completion of any coring project. Most importantly is our service charges are best from the other coring services.

    Samarqand concrete coring service does special concrete coring works:core cutting service
    Diamond-coring with core drill for service entries.
    Diamond-coring holes size is (14m-600m).
    Depth or slab and wall thickness, we do (10cm -100cm) core drilling.
    Diamond core drilling for AC ducts, pipes, and cables victimization diamond-coring tools.
    Diamond-core drilling in a concrete slab, concrete walls, and floors.  Most importantly is our service rates are better from other concrete coring and cutting services. So, please give us a chance for your service.

    Should you need additional info regarding our company and services. Please don’t hesitate to call us 058-6927376. you’ll conjointly send your inquiry and request for quotation to Samarqandrental@gmail.com

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