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Our service charges are best from the other core cutting contractors in Dubai. We Provide concrete coring and cutting service in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and also umm al Quwain With the best price. Our core cutting service charges schedule is given below.

Size Slab Thickness Price Area
2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 40 – 50 AED Sharjah & Nearby dubai
2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 45- 55 AED Ajman & Umm Al Quwain
2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 50 – 60 AED Dubai
2″ – 5″ 20 – 25cm 55- 70 AED Jabal Ali
6″ 20 -25cm 60 – 70 AED Dubai
8″ 20 – 25cm please call please contact us

Note: This pricing table is for normal days.  We  can change these pricing lists  at any time 

So, Please call our company  member to confirm your job rates:  058-6927376


Core Cutting Concrete


There are three Types of cutting the Concrete

1 = Core Cutting With Daimond Core

2 = Saw Cutting For Slab & Wall 

3 = Breaking With Jack Hammers

1 = Core Cutting Method


This Method is Used for Coring in Slab or wall in any Dia and any depth just u have to make a hole for your Pvc pipes or your wires cables and etc. this Method Applies on any type vertical or horizental

Image result for unifix 10mm

Image result for drilling in slab pixabay


1 =st you have to Drill in the wall or slab w
here you want to make hole.
2 = Then you have to put unifix in concrete

3 = Then puntch This Unifix in Concrete

Image result for core cutting machine stand

4 = Then Fix This Stand on This Unifix

5 = Then Put Your Machine on Stand

And Start the Cutting





Concrete Cutting Company in Dubai, Concrete Cutting Contractor in Dubai.

Concrete Cutting With Saw Machine

Concrete Cutting With saw machine is very easy and very fast work for doing this with this method you can cut the wall and slab in not a round shape this machine will work on pad and cut the concrete in cube and with this machine you can cut the wall in any depth but not in round shape.

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3-inch coring holes in slab and beam for the electrical DB cable

4-inch concrete coring holes in concrete slab and beam

5-inch coring holes in concrete slab for the w.c pipes or other

8-inch concrete coring  holes for the water pipes or other

Large Round Coring Holes

we also do large round hole in the concrete side wall Coring holes in UAE

For example

10-inch coring hole in the concrete slab or a side wall

12-inch coring hole in the solid concrete slab

Straight Concrete Cutting:

We do straight cutting in the concrete slab with the cheap rate from other core cutting service providers. We cut the concrete slab in square or any dimension.

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We also provide core cutting service in all UAE with cheap rates. We do all categories concrete cutting and concrete slab holes.

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